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What happens when a Steam and DieselPunk lands in the Everfree Forest? Well, a bit of madness and uncertainty is to be expected.


This story has changed at least four times since I created it in google docs, the current iteration is the result.

This will start at a T rating until such time as it crosses the proverbial line in the sand into M territory.

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The Cloudfall Paintball Tournament, the biggest paintball event in Equestria, spanning the entirety of Equestria with everything from intense close to mid-range fighting in urban settings to long ranged engagements over vast fields and incredibly fast paced arial battles between the Pegasi Assault and Support squadrons of each Paintball Faction. Hehehe, and if that's not enough to get you excited, each Faction is lead by one of the princesses, Celestia commanding the Solar Shield, Luna leading the Night Strikers, and Cadence guiding the Crystal Keepers.
Due to the three month long nature of the tournament the competition can get pretty breakneck with some ponies switching factions and others playing a dangerous game of double cross things are sure to not get boring.
Oh silly me, I haven't introduced myself! I'm Hunter, or as most ponies at the Tournament know me as Sterling Blade, I'm pegasus and I've been a member of the Night Stikers for the past five years and I don't plan on changing that anytime soon, now who's side will you choose? Will you join me and Princess Luna as a member of the Night Strikers, or will you join Celestia's Solar Shield or Cadance's Crystal Keepers?
No matter what your choice, I look forward to seeing you on the battlefield. You might just be lucky enough not to get hit to much hehehe!

~1st Lieutenant Hunter "Sterling Blade" Crane in an interview before the 6th annual Cloudfall Paintball Tournament, member of Luna's Night Bringer Squadron and loyal to the Night Strikers

I'll accept OCs for this story, just ask in the comments and I'll PM you about it more specifically and we can figure things out.

The current cover art is a filler until I can make a real one, if you own or know who owns the image and wish for me to take it off I will do so.

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