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I'm not dead · 4:52pm Dec 17th, 2017

But... for the foreseeable future I won't be updating any of my stories.

Cloudfall, my first foray into pony fiction, was written during the brief paintball and ponies bandwagon that rolled through the site a ways back, and I made it way too ambitious for what it was supposed to be, even if I were to rewrite and downscale it, I don't think I'd have to drive to actually finish it.

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Airship Dawn Breaker Facebook Page The official page for the SteamPunk/DieselPunk Airship that I run, still building the crew as the 'Airship' is a Battlecruiser class and as such will require a large crew compliment, go and like the page and message the page directly if you are interested in joining us.

Fallout: Hair Trigger Facebook Page The 'Official' Facebook page for Fallout: HAir Trigger, where I'll drop hints and tidbits of extra information about the story from time to time.

Twindigo(Windigo Twilight) The group dedicated to stories about Twindigo or Windigo Twilight... surprised that there's actually only one story about that.

Random Information

Not much I can say, I'm a fan of weapons, the Military, and ponies... I write from time to time but really I'm only just getting into writing MLP related things. Don't let the Sidewinder hit you on the way out!


Best Pony: Rainbow Dash
Best Princess: Luna
Best Changeling: Chrysalis
Best CMC Member: All of them
Best DJ: Vinyl Scratch
Favorite Versions of Twilight Sparkles: Changling Princess Twilight and Twindigo(Windigo Twilight)

I also play a buckton of videogames ranging from Halo: Custom Edition(Mostly I play the RPG_Beta maps), too League of Legends, too Dead Space, and even Fallout: New Vegas so yeah.


Favorite League of Legends Champion: Ahri :heart:


Fallout: New Vegas mod list
Power Armor Revamped_Compatible with Project Nevada_
Unified HUD Project
Ambient Temperature
HUD Extended
M56 Smartgun
Weapon Mods Expanded


That's it for now

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Thanks for the fav on my story friend!

Thank you for the favorite on No Pony's Sky! :pinkiehappy:

Cheers for the favorite on "Observations" :pinkiesmile:

2244511 even so, its decent for what is there so far, and you at least had the courtesy to say it was indefinitely paused instead of just abandoning it without a word.

Thx for the fave, I apologise I won't be continuing the story

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