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The Alicorn Princess Twilight Sparkle was a fine specimen of pony, remembered not for the many spells she drafted, nor her countless acts of heroism, but instead for the documents of friendship that she and her 5 friends (who you can read about elsewhere) communally wrote as letters to the ruler of the land and Twilight's personal teacher, Princess Celestia. These letters are heart-felt and meaningful lessons about friendship and teachings about the compromises and responsibilities we all have to face, many of which are still taught in our schools to this very day!
However, any old history book could tell you about these 6 ponies' lives. But this story... this story is usually best not told. For it does not contain the morals that the previously stated letters had. It is a story of a princess-to-be, a girl breaking free from her last life, a slave galloping away to safety, a pegasus who meets his dream mare, and an uprising they all become part of. Now, should you not wish hear of this tale then feel free to have nothing to do with it. Of course, you probably won't heed my warnings and head straight into chapter 1, but don't say I didn't warn you.

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Daisy and Rose are lost, confused and scared.
Daisy cares for the younger Rose, and carries the backpack that was near them when they woke up.
They walk along a woodland path in an attempt to find life.
and so our story begins....

Chapters (6)
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