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Is not dead, just playing more games than reading the many fanfics they -should- try to get through.


I have many ideas, but not enough skill to write them >.> · 12:11am Aug 18th, 2017

So, I just got another pretty good idea for a story, but me being me, I suck at writing. This idea stems from me actually getting into League of Legends. and well, unlike most peeps who seem to gawk at Ahri, my mind is all over Kindred.

"Tell me another Story, Lamb."
"Remember what I told you about the lonely man with Dark hair, Wolf?"
" about how he split himself into two, to always have a friend?"

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So, Joining the Marines never happened. · 6:57am Feb 3rd, 2017

Yep. I really wish I was able to, but back in August, I ended up getting sick enough to miss four months of work. Had two separate hospital visits that were a week long each and a total of two blood transfusions from it all. Turns out what I got sick with is actually hereditary, and is called Ulcerative Colitis. What it is is, in a nutshell, Ulcers in the intestines that can cause bleeding and is caused by the immune system attacking proteins it sees as foreign even if they're supposed to be

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Something I might want to do · 2:00pm May 17th, 2016

Tenno, a master of gun and blade. At times, seeming like an undefeatable warrior god or goddess. They wield dangerous void energy itself as a weapon, focused and channeled through an armor known as a warframe. One such being had a stroke of bad luck when out in the field, and finds herself stranded on an unknown planet, without any weapons or tools aside the Void energies her body has been corrupted to generate.

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Yo, Anime people! · 8:02pm Nov 14th, 2015

Question: Why are there no crossovers/Displaced/anything based off the anime The Seven Deadly Sins yet? I'm kinda curious about this because so far, it's a pretty great anime. If my writing skills were better, I'd attempt it myself, but well, I'm a terrible writer at this moment in time.

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Peeps, in a little less than half a year, I'm probably going to be dead to fimfic for a while. · 2:02pm Aug 5th, 2015

I'm starting to prepare myself for enlisting into the Marines. Tis going to be difficult, but my mind is set. This will help with schooling for what I want to learn as an overall career, as well as get me into shape physically and most likely mentally.

Not really sure what else to say.......:twilightblush:

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So, I finally got bored with Blade Wolf. · 6:04am Jul 3rd, 2015

Yep. I changed my name and avatar picture again. I got bored with Blade wolf a while ago, but didn't want to change things.
I've been playing a lot of Halo 4 recently, and finally decided to change my account name and shtuff to my Spartan, Fang F313.

Also, I'm not dead, Just can't remember what I was doing with the only fic I still have up. I'm probably gonna just revoke it's subscription. Sorry peeps, but for now, Writing isn't my thing. I'll try again at a later date.

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I just discovered what Scootaloo does in her free time! · 1:56am Jan 15th, 2015

Turns out, she's Champion of the Witchwood Arena!

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For some reason, I'm bored, and reading isn't helping. · 5:54pm Jan 14th, 2015

So, yeah. I'm terribly bored right now, and just read four or five fics......it didn't help. So! I'm probably going to go play Fable: The Lost Chapters. I have Fable Anniversary and Metal Gear Solid V, but this stupid laptop can't handle them. ah well, I guess I have to wait until I return to New Mexico some time next month.

of all the Fable games, TLC is my favorite. Friggin huge choice of weapons, magic, and armor compared to II and III.

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Random thought that I got from talking with my brother over Razer · 2:20am Jan 13th, 2015

What would happen if Markiplier narrated Fairy Tail?

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Oh yeah! I doubt I'll be bored while I'm up in Jersey now! · 12:48am Dec 16th, 2014

Right, so I just got $50.00 for the PSN, so I spent it on Minecraft for the Vita, Final Fantasy VII (PSone classic), and Legend of The Dragoon (PSone classic). I had a lot left over, so I got five skin packs for MC, and a theme for my vita. FF7, and LoTD are both four discs long, and I've never beaten LoTD yet, so I'm going to enjoy the [REDACTED] out of them!

I've never even played FF7 yet, but I wanna save that one until I'm a good distance into LoTD.

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