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In the minds of many bronies, it would be a dream come true just to walk amongst and interact with the ponies we love in the land of Equestria. But, when a recently arrived teenager mysteriously stumbles into Ponyville, imagine his reaction when almost everypony doesn't even realize he's there. (2nd-person Narrative)

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Your walking in the woods; There's no one around and your phone is dead. Out of the corner of your eye you spot him...

I cried manly tears.

After reading this beautiful work of art I am now naming my thirteen children 'Distrance'.

Why am I here?

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(Dark Souls Crossover)
Solaire of Astora has experienced the terrifying moments of his tragic existence fending his very soul from demons and undead that plagued his land. His essence dedicated to the truth and his soul bound to the everlasting glow of the sun. Through his own leadership had he shone a beacon of hope throughout the ravaged land of Lordran. But to every soul, their bodies must end. When Solaire is imprisoned to a fate unknown after his final confrontation by the very demon that caused his hell, a new light shines through the darkness of the barriers between life and death. A light greater then the sun itself, and it's glow draws Solaire closer and closer until the world he once knew was but a vision behind him.

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The beacon of life is fading, but it is only the natural cycle of all the things in this world, and it's unforgiving touch that afflicts us all. Twilight Sparkle has lived the past seven decades as a witness to life's wonders; her friends and family graced by her existence. But now, sitting at the bank of life's river, Twilight is left with only memories, memories that push the soul past the shells of morality, past the barriers of time and space. What is the end, can only set a new beginning, and with the grand finale of life, a moment recalls a serenity of hope back to the aged pony.

(A somber tale I felt I should express myself through an urge to commit to a work of my own talents.)

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Equestria is a world full of life, adventure, and friendship. Twilight Sparkle is a resident of this world, experiencing all the joys of an successful Equestrian lifestyle. However, one day, a pony of a fallen world brings himself into this to view, to reveal a horrible, horrible truth that shapes both his mind and hers as well.

Rated Teen for light swearing and grim themes.

This is my first fan-fiction, please identify any problems within, keep criticism clean please.

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