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Working on Butterfly 2 · 4:29pm Jul 26th, 2013

As I finish number one, I'll have two to follow. I also have some other stories to add along the way. Thought you should know.

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Butterfly · 5:55pm Jul 22nd, 2013

I decided to post the first two chapters I do have finished while working on the next. You've probably read it before on my DeviantArt under Wingweaver0. I will continue to update it in time so keep your eyes open for when it does update.

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Progress · 6:49pm Jul 8th, 2013

It's a lot of work preparing your next project for websites. Especially when you're in more than one group/website. It's mentally exhausting, but that's okay. Keep my mind running over the summer. Have college to think about and yes, I'd probably bring my art there...I'm so glad I've made it this far, but I ain't stoppin'!

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Getting Started · 8:28pm Jun 28th, 2013

I doubt any of you know me and really that's why I'm here. To be known. I've been wanting to go back to the world of writing and this is where I'll come back. On many sites, I go by the name Wingweaver0...only one am I known as Chipmunks0 or something like that. Been awhile since I've been there. Still. I intend to write under the common name many of my friends seem to remember. Good reason too and you'll all find out eventually. I just hope you'll all like it.

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