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Working on Butterfly 2 · 4:29pm Jul 26th, 2013

As I finish number one, I'll have two to follow. I also have some other stories to add along the way. Thought you should know.

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thank you for the watch

Thanks for the watch/favorite :twilightsheepish:

Hopefully not too disappointing.

641982 No problem, I'll be posting blogs about it anyway, so you might see it in your feed. :raritywink:

Be sure to link me the new story when it's finished.

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I guess in my spare time if you guys wish, I can critic your work. Be patient though. One, I don't have a good computer, two, I tend to make them fairly long, and three, i don't get on too often. Send me a pm of the story you wish for me to critic and I'll reply in the stories comments. I'll see about even sending a pm back to you so you have something to hang on to.

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