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Crusaders Secret Business--Mess is now for sale · 3:02pm March 29th

Hello, peeps and peepettes. I'm sure most of you remember how I've stated that I wouldn't be doing anymore scat fic stuff unless I was earning something for my troubles. Well, here's one of those things. I've been working with succubisamus (the artist who drew my lovely new avatar) for a number of months on a duo story/art pack focusing on the Equestria Girls versions of the Cutie Mark Crusaders. Yes, I said that correctly. Cutie Mark Crusaders. Equestria Girls. Scat fic. Go ahead, throw your

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Well, my return is going to be somewhat short lived. If you read my blog, you'll know I won't be posting many stories after this one, unless I'm getting something in return for my efforts.

Nice to see you back again! I actually read your stories a lot before I made an account here. I only recently got back into MLP fics, and it’s nice to see one of my favorite authors is posting again.

rip ______ he was a great writer. :(

2233715 That sucks he made the best soft core scat stores :(

2196958 I doubt it. In fact I'm fairly certain that the mods.... "dealt with 'em" for circumventing the rules. See above. :pinkiecrazy:

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