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I love writing, but I'm seldom content with what I write.

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Time is not a single line. It is many lines, constantly splitting and converging. For as long as the premise of time has been speculated, society has run on the hypothesis of cause to effect - the idea that a single action can contribute to producing any number of results. But perhaps our view is backwards? Perhaps, instead, the numerous actions we might potentially take all lead toward a single inevitable result? Perhaps our perception of the instance that is 'now' is derived not from the actions of the past but the conclusions that lie in the inescapable future?

My name is Spike, and this is the story of the journey that created a mad scientist out of an average young dragon.

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King Sombra's forces forces occupy every inch of the Crystal Empire. They say it is not long until his rule becomes absolute. I say different. The Empire will be free, not the property of a demigod. The war ends here, not in battle, nor in surrender. It is said that the deaths of a few, select individuals might change the course of the future. I am counting on it.

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Twilight Sparkle has always kept to herself. Isolated in her studies, she leaves the library only to spend time with family. Friends, she has none. No significant other. No pals, no work mates. In fact, no work to speak of, either. And so, it seemed natural to ask - who is this girl, really? And moreover, why am I so drawn to her?

[WARNING: Spoilers contain comments! Wait...no...]

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The date was June 13th, 1013 by the Celestial Calendar. Ten long years had passed since the eastern Griffon forces invaded Equestria, and Twilight Sparkle still harbored a bitter grudge. On the Ponyville horizon lay a building known as 'the facility' where rebels and traitors were sent by the Griffon army. Among those rebels was the once-great Princess Celestia, transformed into a mere husk from the daily torture she suffered. Yet some ponies believed that all was not yet lost. Before long, Twilight found herself making plans to infiltrate the facility and free Celestia. But everything changed when she discovered the manner in which the facility dealt with their prisoners...

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400 FAVES! Thank you so much for your love and support!

Everypony tries to cope as the laughter is suddenly torn out of their lives.

'Pretty in Pink' on EquestriaDaily
Dramatic reading by Azekahh

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