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Hello everypony! How are you? Well, although I haven't started my other two stories (yes, I have no excuse other than I'm lazy :twilightsheepish:) I do have a new story! I'm not quite sure about the title though. Would you like to hear it? Too bad, you'll get it anyways.

Happiness and Hatred [Dark][Sad]
Twirly Treats and Spiceberry have just moved to Ponyville with their cousin Cookie Crumble. The three attend their first day of school, where they meet the only other blank flanks there: the Cutie Mark Crusaders. The six of them become friends, and the new ponies become official CMCs. As time goes by, Sweetie Belle and Twirly Treats earn their cutie marks, and Apple Bloom must leave to help Babs Seed pack to move to Ponyville herself. When she returns, both her and Babs Seed have their cutie marks. Spiceberry, Scootaloo, and Cookie Crumble still have to figure out their destinies together, but time runs out when Cookie needs to return home as his parents recently returned from their business trip. Spiceberry feels lonely, so she tries to make new friends, and hits it off with Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon. Scootaloo wants to keep up with her friends, so she tries hard to think about what her destiny could possibly be. After some thought, she decides that it has to do with fire. So she sets out and gets her hooves on some matches, but in a freak accident she sets Twirly Treat's and Spiceberry's home on fire, killing their parents. Twirly Treats escapes, but Spiceberry is nowhere to be found. She is assumed dead, as three pony-like figures are found in the ash. A year passes and things start to return to normal, but Scootaloo still has a haunting feeling about all of this.

666481 Drunk? I'm not even tipsy! *passes out* :rainbowkiss: :heart:

666458 Go home Berry, you're drunk. XD

I'm just kidding. You're welcome!:twilightsheepish:

Thanks for the watch :pinkiehappy:

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