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A part time writer and a video game lover, I plan to write and read crossovers. If I could ever not be as lazy as I am...


Did an art....thing....totally not possessed. · 12:26am Oct 23rd, 2018

"I hunt. I devour. I haunt. I stalk. These are the things I do. You run. You scream. You struggle and flee...But I will always catch you."


I'm taking an class in game art this semester and decided to try and add some spoop to a Mirage captura I made. Mostly just traced her figure and added some tweaks to make it more deformed.

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Well...didn't see that coming...(WARFRAME SPOILERS) · 8:05pm Feb 4th, 2015

So I'm not gone yet. I am brainstorming the next few chapters of warriors of gun and blade (WoG&B (abbreviation looks silly, but I'm typing this on an iPod so bear with me)).

One of the main roadblocks is the second dream quest, which (spoilers) may or may not require me to rewrite some parts of the story. What I've come up with is this: my Tenno, and those in the story have not done the second dream quest, and they will do it later on (probably with ponies along for the ride).

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New Crossover Fanfic · 10:57pm Oct 13th, 2014

Hey, so if you guys read this I've been putting off writing everything, and I've been writing something I've been wanting to write for a while now.

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Final Stretch of School, and some other info · 4:54pm Jun 14th, 2014

Hey all, sorry for the lack of updates for the past several months (?) but right now finals are coming up, good news is: that means no homework, and Friday is the last day of school, Bad News: I'm busy this summer, with stuff like traveling, and camps. I also happen to be going through a huge amount of writer's block so sorry no updates to the stories I'm working on, but maybe a few short stories we will see!

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back into the action! · 8:40pm Dec 3rd, 2013

Equestria in chaos control is now what I'm working on...again!

Sorry for inconsistency but i ran out of ideas for project ultimate life, and some came up for equestria in chaos control.

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Yeah, i'm lazy · 3:43pm Nov 23rd, 2013

What can i say, I have homework, and love to play games...(which i have been doing too much recently) so yeah updates = sometimes...

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Is anyone reading my story? · 8:52pm Nov 4th, 2013

I noticed a lack of comments after i posted the chapter (s) for Project Ultimate Life, Is anyone still reading it?

Its okay if you don't want to, i'm not trying to force you to. Its just i need feedback to keep writing.

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Equestria In Chaos Control: Whats going On · 10:57am Oct 10th, 2013

So if you've read Equestria in Chaos Control's first few chapters you may have noticed that the grammar and formatting wasn't that good. So now the Chapters are being edited by JumpingShinyFrogs, and I am working on Project Ultimate Life. Chapters 1 and 2 are updated now and ill continue to post the updated ones as they come out.

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Ah, my old enemy: School · 1:19am Aug 18th, 2013


to make matters worse its not just school, its Highschool. meaning: more Homework, More brain cramps, and less time to write :(. ill try to update my story as fast as possible (quality takes time so not too fast) but...AGH SCHOOL WHYYYYY!!!!?!?

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Repair complete, i'm back online · 5:34pm Jul 9th, 2013

The new charger has arrived, and i am getting back to work on Equestria In Chaos Control. Though making Pinkie Pie and Amy Rose fit into a fight just doesn't seem to work, so i'm gonna have to improvise!

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