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"Ah mostly write comedies and slice of life stuff. Ah ain't amazin' at writin' stuff, but I'm practicin'!"

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I have a stupid idea right now, but it might just be good! · 9:14am Wednesday

Hey all! Do y'all remember Five Score Divided by Four by TwistedSpectrum?

No? Well go read it here. Five Score Divided by Four

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Howdy there, partner! You're prolly' wondrin' who I am, so here's the about page.

Name's Luna, at yer' service. No, I ain't that Luna. Ah' love writin' funny stories! Drama and sad stories aren't mah everyday slice of apple pie, but that ain't stoppin' me from breakin' outta mah comf'rt zone, y'hear?

Ah' love writin', but ah' wish ah' was as good as mah idols that ah' listed just below this about section. Y'all read'em now, they're absolute treasures to behold!

Amazing Stories that've Personally Touched Me

Some Really Funny Stories!

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Thou hast been booped!

And after all this time, we still are the same age.

I just realized something you and me are the same age

Duuuuuudddddeeee your a PNoy insta follow

Thanks for reading Actually, I'm Dead, glad you liked it. I'm always interested in my readers' opinions, so feel completely free and even encouraged to tell me what you think.

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