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Bloody skulls · 3:36pm Jul 9th, 2013

My mind is gone, I swear to celestia my mind is gone. Last night, I sat there and thought about how my OC looked, and acted, and quite simply how he was! My OC is a Cinnamon-grey stallion with a pure black mane and tail, a more reddish streak along his wing bones and with red eyes, with gold flecks within said eyes. His cutie mark is a simple Spiral. He plays the cello, and sucks at it, he likes to fly slowly, even though he can race with the best of them. He takes long walks whenever he is

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Thank you kindly for the fav on New Roam Innovatus, good sir. :twilightsmile:

Thanks for the fave! :scootangel:

Thank you for the fav on The Adventures of Fragment! :twilightsmile: And now, I present to you, A Dark Reminder fun fact!

Pigs can fly, they just don't want to make the other animals jealous, so they stay on the ground.

Howdy! Thanks for favouriting A Secret Thrice Unconnected and A Heart Full of Rainbow!:twilightsmile:

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