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Commissions · 3:52pm Feb 11th, 2015

So, I has question about commissions. I haven't been here for a long time since I'm just tired of this place, I know some of you followme thanks to my art that I have posted but now I'm in need of money and I was thinking about opening commissions for the first time but i need some advise.


This is my DA account. I'm curious on how much you all would be willing to pay for a full body, headshot and a quick sketch for your oc's.

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Lillies · 10:43am Sep 17th, 2014

It seems I'm improving.
This is also my watermark, as you can see over the flowers. A friend made it, she gave me a Japanese name, it means Red Dye, due to my red hair so from now on, all my art will be marked with this.
Hope you like my flowers ^^

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Music · 9:14pm Sep 6th, 2014

Well, I had a discussion earlier with a friend and he says he is so good at music and laughed at Sweden (my country) for not having any kind of music bands at all...so just in case that no one knows, all of those right here, are Swedish ^^
I have some favorites here :D wich is = Takida, Sonic Syndicate, Hardcore Superstar, In Flames, Dead by April, Crashdiet, Europe and of course.... <3 Deathsrats <3

Anybody that shares my taste of music? :)

Amon Amarth

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Merpony · 10:36am Aug 29th, 2014

So, I made this...a merpony, I'm practicing digital art on all kinds of merponies...not that anyone here cares what I write anyway so this might be my last blog

And someone here steals my art, try to steal this one and you will notice that this one has an owner already and her name is written at my DA so no idea to try to claim this as your own, I have friends that does regual check ups on all our art, steal and you will be found!

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Bumblebee · 11:45am Aug 23rd, 2014

This is a drawing I made of my own oc Bumblebee, I haven't been drawing anything for a long time but this one I made and also the digital version that I made.
I was thinking making heartponies for adoption or ponies in the same pose as her for adoption on DA for points but I'm not sure yet though.
Opinions on this?
I use Photoshop CS2 but I just don't get it, if anyone has some good ideas or such on how to make my digital drawings better, I would be very happy to hear them

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Sugar Sweet · 1:29pm May 20th, 2014

This is a request from an admin on a MLP group on facebook. His oc, Sugar Sweet.
Hope you all like his innocent face :)

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Stealing · 4:05am May 15th, 2014

Someone is stealing my art!
I got to know that before and even saying that the signature on the draiwings are not mine.
Someone saw some of my art on derpibooru and or random blogs and he also said he saw some here!

Thanks to this I have completley lost interest in making any new drawings when someone out there is trying to prove that I don't even exsist.

So pls, if anyone sees anything pls tell me!
It would really make me happy since I just don't see the fun in art anymore.

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Melodies of Life · 12:14am May 12th, 2014

I love this!

"Alone for a while I've been searching through the dark,
For traces of the love you left inside my lonely heart,
To weave by picking up the pieces that remain,
Melodies of life...Love's lost refrain"

"Our paths they did cross, thought I cannot say just why,
We met, we laughed, we held on fast and then we said goodbye,
And who'll hear the echoes of stories never told?
Let them ring out loud till they unfold,
In my dearest memories, I see you reaching out to me,

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360 · 2:31am May 6th, 2014

Great...my xbox 360 just broke.

just....great -_-

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Dreamcatcher · 9:43pm Apr 27th, 2014

This is Dreamcatcher, OC I made for Grete Summer.

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