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"Because Day and Night were meant to be together"

This is the story of Golden Sun, your everyday 16 year old stallion; shy, funny and a great friend, who works in a coffee shop as a cashier. His life is not particularly exciting, that is until the day he meets the love of his life, Night Star, consort and advisor of Princess Luna. He is not only one of the most handsome ponies in all of Canterlot but he is also a fun, loving, caring and responsible pony with a secret no one else knows.

After some plans to get to know each other better the two of them start feeling something for each other, but they can’t tell the other for fear of losing him.

What will the future tell for our lovers?
Will their love conquer everything?

Chapters (1)

"Who is the next ALICE?"

Based on the song titled "Alice Human Sacrifice", this fanfic is pure hobby and is not intending to violating any copyrights of Alice in Wonderland or Alice Human Sacrifice, so please enjoy this little short story.

A tiny dream, where it came from was unknown,
though it was small, it thought a very big thought.
"I will not disappear, I will be known.
But how, how will I show what I have wrought?"
The dream continued to think more and more.
Then finally the dream thought of a way.
“I'll make ponies lost when they enter my door!
They'll make their world, while with their minds, I play!”
There will be no escape from my wonderland,
once you enter there is no going back.
You will perish here in my terrible land,
against you, fate and all the odds stack.
No one shall be able to forget me...
What a grand dream I have turned out to be!

Will the little dream fulfil his non stop desire to exist and always be remembered by the pony race?

Chapters (2)
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