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dawn fire

Just another brony that enjoys reading fanfictions. Wait, now I'm writing them too? How did that happen?

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  • EDistractions
    Twilight and her friends are all enjoying a trip to Canterlot. Unfortunately, they get separated in the crowds and some of them have to wait for the others to catch up. But waiting's no fun.
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1811470 Of course! It's a great story, thanks for writing it. I'm enjoying its sequel as well!

Thanks for the fave on The Celestia Code! :twilightsmile:

1591185 Well thanks! Your story's not bad either, I'll be interested to see what you write next. To be honest, I wrote Distractions on a whim. I just had the idea and wanted to see how it fared. I think I will continue writing, though, once I think of another story idea.

I gave you a follow, simply because I believe that you have potential and I look forward to what you write next! It's about time we started giving little known writers a chance. Because much like you, I've only got a handful of followers and therefore new writers like us should stick together. What do you say? :pinkiesmile:

- Arcelia

1461071 Thanks for writing it! You only got a notification because I reorganized some stuff and finally made a bit of use out of the new bookshelf system.

And hey, we're finally out of Canterlot! :yay:

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