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The misspelling of my name is intentional. Also feel free to reach out and PM me about anything if that's what you're into. Bother me to write things and I might do it more.

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Luna considers herself the guardian of all who call the realm of dreams home during the night, the day, or any other hour slumber might take them. More than that, despite anything that might change that in the waking realm, she considers all dreamers hers in their own special ways...

Saying goodby is difficult, no matter how heartfelt the words exchanged may be. Watching them leave to a place where she knows she can never truly follow is moreso...

Written on a whim over the course of a few days with minimal revision and no formal editor besides my self and running it through a couple of word processors, so if there are any clear grammar/spelling/sentence structure issues please let me know. I will not be adding this to any groups or making any real efforts to share this story beyond posting it here, so feel free to add it to any groups you might think are appropriate and to share the story with whoever you think might enjoy it.

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Twilight and Spike discuss about something that happened between them a long time ago. Something that Twilight isn't proud of. Then Twilight tells Spike a story about a Minotaur and a sculptor.

While Starlight and Celestia don't appear directly in the chapter they are directly referenced, hence the tags. The second half of the story is mainly Twilight narrating a story to Spike regarding two original characters, hence the tag there. Otherwise the story is just Spike and Twilight talking.

This was written as a very last minute and very hopefully not too edgy submission for the wonderful and illustrious Kin-a-Vulf's it's Cynewulf I'm just being silly and posting the pronunciation and I really hope that they aren't mad at me for making the joke Worldbuilding Fic CONTEST.

Also, as of January 10th I've taken the time to do a fully revision of the story, it's in a much better state than when it was initially posted. It's not perfect, but it's certainly passable, if you read it I hope you enjoy, but feel free to let me know if you don't either in the comments or via direct message. Feed back is always appreciated!

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When Discord returned to Equestria, after a thousand years of restless imprisonment, he was the embodiment of insanity. When the good Ponies of the empire heard of his intentional release, they were flabbergasted. Why let this maniac roam free and wreak his "Chaos" everywhere? However, soon after his release Discord began to calm down. He was seen to possess a strong ethic and, an admittedly sporadic, reserve.

After a while Princess Celestia saw fit to put Discord to work, "for the good of Equestria." His most recent charge was to write a book on Chaos. Discord however, has other plans. He has been conflicted about the nature of his release and subsequent freedom. Ultimately he becomes obsessed with finding out the "real" reason he was freed.

Credit for the amazing cover art for this fic goes to the generous alexmakovsky on deviantart, and the image itself can be found here.

This takes place in a Season Four cannon that exists without Rainbow Power and ends before the Finale, hence the AU tag. I might try to figure out how to canonize it fully at some point, but I'm not holding my breath.

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