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The misspelling of my name is intentional. Also feel free to reach out and PM me about anything if that's what you're into. Bother me to write things and I might do it more.


Happy New Year · 8:54am Jan 1st, 2016

Friendly reminder that I swear, occasionally.

2015 was a bad year for me, as far as writing goes. I would make the excuse that everyone else makes when they can't focus on writing, "life got in the way", but I personally don't like making excuses.

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Pointless Random Update: Because I Like Bothering People · 9:53am Mar 25th, 2015

So it turns out that I'm really, really, bad at writing one shots.

At this point T.W.S.H. will probably either end up being four chapters long with somewhere above 20k words of content, or five chapters long with something above what I want to say would be 23k words at that point. It might end up being 25k if I'm not happy with my ability to end of a good note.

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An apology, an update, and also some hyp! · 8:24am Feb 8th, 2015

This is mostly stream of consciousness because I couldn't be bothered to edit this properly. You have been warned.

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Happy Holidays & I'm Not Dead · 1:11am Dec 26th, 2014

First off, just wanted to wish everyone a happy holiday season. Whatever you celebrate, or even if you don't celebrate at all, I hope you all are doing well and that this new year will prove to be the best one yet.

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So It's Finally Done! · 5:37am Jun 29th, 2014

That's right, you heard it here first folks...

Well that is unless you happened to read the Final Chapter before coming here, if so the statement above is a blatant lie and should be ignored.

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