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Jasmine Tea

Greetings, I am Jasmine tea. As my butt can tell you, I am not a writer, I'm a chef. Now I'm off to have a cookie, then some beef stew..... What! I'm a bat pony, I need the proteins.

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Chai Tea is the most interesting mare in the world, but always fighting beings that most folks would think are made up, can be pretty tiring. Not to mention covering it up too.
Neon Lights is your typical guy, dealing with his father and his family's legacy. How does he deal with this? Drinking of course.

How can these two possibly relate to one another. Surprisingly pretty well. Join these two ponies as they figure out what life has to offer them, and to each other life's as well.

This story takes place before the games and twilight's kingdom.
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this story wouldn't be possible without these guys.

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