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Vacation. · 10:56pm Aug 23rd, 2014

Hey everybody. I've been away on vacation for the past week so I didn't get any work done on anything I've been working on, but I did get a new idea and wrote the first chapter. Now I just need somebody to fix the grammatical errors. Can anybody help me out?

By the way, it's a completely shameless self-insert.

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Ok. Its the same picture of my profile I gave you awhile ago. Im a female unicorn. so the FU thing, and whatever else I forgot it had.

1356851 Sorry I didn't reply to you sooner, I've been away on vacation. Anyways, just resend me your info and I'll have it done by next Thursday. :twilightsmile:

My lunarid doesn't seem to be working...

1271725 Dude if I knew, then I would gladly tell you. I've had this pic for quite awhile now and I can't remember where I got it from for the life of me. Sorry.:pinkiesad2:

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