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Genius. Prodigy. Magus. Powerhouse. Unbalanced. Crazy. All words used to describe Twilight Sparkle at some point through her life. These are her adventures through her acceptance as Princess Celestia's student to her life in Ponyville and beyond.

Act 1: Twilight takes the entrance exam to Princess Celestia's School for Gifted Unicorns and begins a new life after an event damaged her personality, changing who she is forever.

NOTE: Now edited by the incredibly talented Dakun Skye!

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Lyra is an enforcer for the Mafia. The Godpony has noticed her lackluster effort and has called her to her office.

It is time for punishment.


This story is for KarmaSentinal in Write Club.

The Original Prompt:
"Alright, Mafia inspired story staring Octavia and, Lyra. Lyra is the enforcer with a heart of gold, and Octavia is the Mob Boss deep in running an underground market for illegal baked goods."

Chapters (1)
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