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A theme song · 10:04am Feb 13th, 2017

*Harmonica Tone*


When you got a Gary-Stu, what do you do?
You call an Author...

When you have a contrivance that always leads to violence.
You need an Author...

But where are you going to find one of these? Who helps heroes and villains attain some measure of ease?


You go to Smiling Dan's, you go to Smiling Dan's, from aliens to man, you go Smiling Dan's!

Howdy! I'm Smiling Dan!

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Some audience participation · 5:39am Jan 6th, 2014

I was thinking about the human character in Hunters, Wanderers, Hucksters and Monsters, Gunner, and I figured I'd get your opinion on some concepts and put it to a vote. Gunner in all cases, thanks to the nature of his arrival in Equestria and past adventures, has infinite ammunition for his weapon, a gun naturally, but the focus of the story will remain on Lyra and the others, rather than the human with the weapon that can splatter a goodly amount of the native wildlife.

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I blame Saints Row 4 · 12:39pm Aug 30th, 2013

I blame that wonderful, insane, over the top game for the idea in my head now.

Imagine if you will, your typical Human In Equestria SI story premise. Guy gets dropped into the cute and pastel world, meets ponies, stays in Ponyville right, possibly after adventures in the Everfree Forest? All in all, though depending on the author, sunshine and rainbows with only a few stormy clouds.

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A story idea. · 5:27am Jul 16th, 2013

An idea came to me, and I might write this up fully:

When Gilda was humiliated and broke off her friendship with Rainbow Dash, no-one noticed when she met with a mint-green pony outside of the town. There they sang songs, ate meat and spoke of old glories.

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