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Favorite Mane 6: Twilight
Favorite villains: Nightmare Moon/Queen Chrysalis

I'm just a heavy FiMFiction reader that enjoys critiquing stories.

Warning! Highly rational critic, please contact your doctor before use, should avoid if diagnosed with the following symptoms:

-Fear of being shown plot errors.
-Hatred of helpful criticizing.
-A deep despise of legible spelling.

Great stories, but just not enough for a favorite.

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Thanks for adding Long Live the Queen to your favorites! Hope you continue to enjoy as we draw near the end of book one. :twilightsmile:

Following me? Hmmmm, just what have I done to warrant such attention?

Thanks for the fave.:twilightsmile: Hope you liked it.

Thanks for the fav :D Very much appreciated!

EDIT: Thanks for the watch too :twilightblush:

  • Viewing 3 - 7 of 7
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