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I try not to think of my past or my problems, but sometimes when I’m alone, staring at my night sky, I can’t help where my mind wanders.

This is a what if Nightmare night never happened and Twilight meets Luna in a completely different way.

Art By: lulubellct
Proofread/Edited By: BeneathTheShade

Chapters (5)

Takes place three hundred years after Twilight's coronation. Twilight had to say goodbye to all but one of her friends, but soon she'll have to let her go as well. Celestia try's her best to counsel Twilight and remind her that she still has friends and maybe a little more.

Art by: VeraWitch
I was heavily inspired by Devise Heretics story Eternal .
This was my first attempt at writing. I polished it up some.

Chapters (1)
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