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Blazing Dragon

Everyone is a moon, and has a dark side which you never show to anybody.


Glad you’ve found my page.

I used to be known as Kain187 but changed it to Blazing Dragon about four to five years ago. I got tired of the last three numbers in my name, it looked stupid and I decided to change it to something cool.

I have written four stories on this awesome site and seem to have only made one decent story. I highly recommend Nightshade it’s my best work and I vow to one day finish it. Maybe…

I got into this fandom when I was 24 and the book that really got me into My Little Pony was a little story I’m sure you’ve heard of by the name Fallout Equestria. To this day it’s one of my favorite works of literature and mostly cause I’m a huge Fallout fan. After that, I found this site and read almost everything I could get my eyes on.

When it comes to my religious beliefs I tend to lean on the side of Atheist but I also lean on the agnostic side on some things as well. Like I’m 100% the bible or any other religious texts are complete works of fiction. It’s just early humans trying to understand the universe. But I’m completely open to the idea there may be a creator of some kind but I just don’t know and no one does if they’re honest.

Sex and romance are my favorite things in the universe as you can most likely tell from my assortment of favorite stories on this here site.

Currently, I’m 34 at the moment of me writing this and I’ve slowed down on the pony these past few years. This fandom gave me some great stories, awesome artwork, and good friends.

I will be a Brony up until I draw my last breath.