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Hi! I'm CanadianFluttershy. I'm from Qu├ębec, Canada. I know how to speak English and French fluently, and apparently my writing is not so bad :)


Discord... · 1:27am Aug 7th, 2017

Gosh Discord... I find it really hard to write is character in stories that involve large scale conflicts like war. Discord is just too darn op, for all we know he could destroy entire armies and civilizations with a snap of a finger. So then you have to invent some magical obstacle like "Oh well he can't do that stuff because they have other stuff that protects them from getting owned in less than a second." It's just super annoying and your story just ends up being bad....

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OOPS! · 7:08am Dec 4th, 2016

Well I was wondering where those comments were coming from! Turns out I published the next chapter of the perfect ones unfinished and unedited. (Talking about huge chops in paragraphs and stuff i wanted to delete and redo in the first place.) Fortunately I've noticed and quickly tried to fix my mistake. I noticed a lot of people begging me to get an editor after that event and I completely understand haha. Don't worry guys, I'll make sure this won't happen again. Expect the next chapter to be A

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