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History is a vast topic and all of it was founded from either truth or lies, history is written by the victor more often than not. But what is most intriguing about the past is that it can do so much now, it can enlighten the younger and thus should be told. But at the same time it can corrupt and in fact ruin some ponies. It can found glorious empires, or destroy them. The sad thing is that none of this matters now, history will always be the same. Some of it will never see the light of day, and will be unable to warn the future generations of our failures.

Equestrian history is large and unbounded, it spans over five hundred volumes and we still continue to write what we saw thousands of years ago. So one footnote will surely be ignored, a tiny collection of facts. Nopony will ever know of our existence, or know of our mysteries. They will only know what they are told, and in this ignorance, they will be saved.

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Over the years, friends drift apart, form new relationships, and forget one another. This has never been harder on a pony than it was for Pinkie, and, as her last real friend drifts away from her, she begins to tie a knot.

Will her death bring her friends back together? Or just give them one more chance to argue?

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