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I've come to make a special announcement · 12:58am August 25th

So, it’s been awhile, and I felt like it’d be wrong to not throw in an update for how things have been going.

Chapter 12 is still in progress. The writing process has been slower than I’d like, but I’ve gotten 15 pages of it’s first draft done, and I’ve also been making efforts to get started on the 13th chapter as well.

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New Chapter this soon? · 8:42pm April 19th

What's that? A new chapter coming so soon after I had just posted a new one a few weeks ago this month.

Why yes, you heard right! Tomorrow I'll be posting a new chapter for Dead End. How is this possible, I have Weird to thank for getting me to get the chapter written as quick as I could.

And if anyone is curious, I recently got an interview done in regard to my work!

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Quick Update! · 4:37pm April 2nd

Hello! It is I, the zebra that wanders! A lot has been happening in regards to Dead End that I thought I’d make a short update post about.

The first of which: Typoglyphic is no longer working as an editor for Dead End. We had a discussion days ago and agreed that our partnership wasn’t at it’s best as it should.

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Journey to Dead End Part 1: Some Backstory · 5:48am January 15th

Hi, TheWanderingZebra here. I haven’t posted a blog in a long ass while. When I do, they’re just ‘I’m still alive’ updates that I admit I didn’t enjoy writing that much. So I’m going to do something different.

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Piranha Plant... · 3:09pm Nov 1st, 2018


Why? How? What?

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Preview for Chapter Six · 5:49am Oct 22nd, 2018

Yoy, this is TheWanderingZebra! Been quite awhile since I’ve last updated, and I have to apologize for that. Been working hard to make sure the next chapter is in the best shape possible.

But I know the wait as been too long (and I blame myself for that), so I thought it’d be nice to show a sneak preview of the sixth chapter on here for you guys.

Please note that this might not be the final version, but I hope you guys enjoy it nonetheless!

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Chapter 2 is Revamped! · 7:17am Jul 17th, 2018


Update for FoE: Dead End! · 7:54am Sep 2nd, 2017


You’re are probably wondering “Why hasn’t that lazy zebra updated? Did he just give up?” To answer your question: nope, still alive, and working on Dead End.

So a lot has happened over the months after I published the story. For one, in terms of the story’s health, I felt I had to rearrange the chapters a bit in order to give people more of a reason to care about our zebra bandit protagonist.

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Warmer · 10:55pm Dec 16th, 2016

Hiho, WanderingZ here wanting to give an update on progress on my story.

I'm proud to say that I'm nearly gotten enough done for publication. Chapter 1 is nearing it's completion, and I've made plans with my editors to clean up my prologue just before publication.

Not much else to type here really :/.

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Getting closer · 11:21pm Nov 6th, 2016

Well, I finally found myself a reliable editor. Progress has been doing amazing since then. Still in the process of writing the rough draft, and after some polishing up with my editor I'll get it pre-read and then I should be able to release Dead End. I also have to give a shout out to the FoE Writers Group I joined for helping and encouraging me to keep working hard. If any of you who followed me despite still being a nopony right now and is interested in working on an FoE story of your own,

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