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The End Times are here!

The Great Necomancer, Nagash, has finally completed his vengence on the Tomb Kings of Nehekhara. Settra the Imperishable has fallen and the city of Khemri is now nothing but sand. Every undead creature is now a slave to his indomitable will.

Or so he thinks.

A group of surviving Tomb Kings have managed to evade his sight. Uniting under a lost legion, they flee to a new land beyond his reach, but will this new world truly be safe? Can they count on the Crystal Empire to be their sanctuary? Or will the horrors of the Old World find a way through?


I have never written a Warhammer fic before, but I am a fan of the books and of Tomb Kings in particular. I hope this is up to scratch with my previous fiction but if anything sticks out let me know and I will correct it. Tagged for Human becaue they are human, undead ones, but technically still human.

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Set during The Return of Harmony

As Discord spreads chaos throughout Equestria, Doctor Whooves finds himself caught off guard and trapped with Derpy and Dinky.

While trying to devise a solution The Doctor tells them about his history with Discord and how the draconequis cost him everything he held dear.

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On Nightmare Night Doctor Whooves doesn't celebrate, instead he grieves for his lost home, reminding himself that he is alone in the universe.

Tonight Derpy will remind him that he not as lonely as he thinks.

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A starving colt is found hiding in Applejacks barn, he refuses to speak too much about where he comes from, claiming that he would be branded crazy and locked away.

Applejack doesn't know if that would happen,

But he does seem to know more about her and her friends than he should

Okay first fiction on this site, more of a way to develop my skills before I launch into some big ideas I have so constructive criticism is appreciated as my descriptions probably suck right now

This is inspired by Oh to be Old Again by Minalkra (which you should totally check out as well)


EDIT: Now with cover art by the ever talented mix-up! It is just awesome! Check out his pages here and on Deviantart!

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