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James Moore, is one of only five hundred humans on Equis. After a fateful encounter with Trixie lulamoon, he's been roped into redemming the mare's reputation, and getting her life back together. It's a tall order for a twenty year old with a violent streak, and a drinking problem.

WARNING: Mild use of alcohol, and swearing. Sexual themes, and gore. This story contains anthro! Ponies, and humans. If that's not your cup of tea then go read something else. Reformed!Trixie x Human!OC.


(cover art by Holivi.)

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When the six other sins decided to destroy earth and the human race I didn't try to stop them, Nor did I object when they laid eyes on another peaceful world to destroy.

But I sure as the hell the that spawned me fought back with all I had left when they chose to drag me along with them, which admittedly wasn't much after the whole Armageddon thing. So now I'm flying through a multi dimensional portal with six weak little shits that are actually some of the most powerful demons in existence hurtling twords, you guessed it.


(Cover art credit goes to Krasgar on deviantART)

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The elements start reacting to an unknown artifact somewhere in the Ever free forest. After extensive research twilight has found out its called the Heart of the elements and is able to be used by any third party, Now its a race against time to keep the heart out of the hooves, and paws of Equestria enemies. too bad for the mane six it has its own personal agenda to fulfill

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