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Oh look, an empty space with which I don't know what to do. Please enjoy reading these absolutely meaningless and in no way philosophical sentences.

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Charles Nicholson is inventive, slightly eccentric, and soon-to-be unemployed. He uses what little time and money he has left to run one, final experiment before his employers come to shut his beloved lab down.

Twilight Sparkle has discovered Multiverse Theory, and is fascinated with the implications. She experiments with some new spells to see if she can contact another universe.

What could these two have in common, and how different can they be?

I can't guarantee that I will be updating this regularly. I write when I am inspired, which could mean as much as three chapters in one day or as little as three words in a month.

UPDATE: New cover art! This image has been brought to you by my good friend, Dustygrafix. Go commission something awesome from him; the Greater Good demands it!

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