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Guys (and possible girls) there's something you guys should do for me... · 5:20am Feb 12th, 2014

Go to this guys page, read his stories. The Gunslinger.

It's is the only person brave enough to combat my mind, and draw a picture of him pushing me off a cliff. I know all of you have felt like doing so at least once. Even though it ended in his tears. Insanity prevails again!~ heeheehee!~

Please, show this bro some love, it's only a few days from St. Valentines Day after all...

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Your Mission is Simple. · 6:22pm Dec 4th, 2013

Step One: Gather a few willing friends (no more then three, including yourself)

Step Two: Find a target (someone you don't know for the best effect.)

Step Three: Make sure each of your friends bump into that stranger over the course of the day and say in this order:

Friend One: "Wake up."
Friend Two: "Your in a coma."
Friend Three: "This isn't real."

Step Four: After saying each phrase, walk away and pretend that it had never happened.

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A small view into my mind (warning: it's my mind. Nuff said.) · 4:19am Nov 20th, 2013

Alright so here's the deal. I have not left as some of you may have thoughtfrom my lack of activity (none of you really care). Blame the government for shutting down my Internet.

Now, fuck that. Here's where my life began:

- A heathy childhood focused mostly on suspitious cartoons and violence.

My midlife crisis:

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For all of whom it may concern ~ · 4:09am Sep 8th, 2013

Yeah, this is Yesterday, I changed my user. Hate if you want or must, I don't care. I felt like mixin' it up, ya know?

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Lol, Hasbro fail. · 9:32pm Aug 30th, 2013

Did anyone else notice that the episode "Fall Weather Friends" came RIGHT after "Winter Wrap Up"? Yeah, I just realized this.
Don't judge me. Blame Hasbro.

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I have decided. · 6:30am Aug 27th, 2013

So I finally got around to it, eh?
Yeah, I know, I know. Do what you expect me to do write a story... For all of you who have seen my other (but will never be published) stories, I hope you like this one as much as you liked the other ones. Even though I ignored you.
So now I've backed myself into a corner. I'm gonna write the shit outta this story.

G'night! Yesterday

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I'm leaving for a while. :P · 2:58am Aug 17th, 2013

So here's the deal.

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