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Thank you to all who serve, and all who have served.

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It's that time again, the time when Winona's coat get's dirty enough from everyday farm play that the task of bathing is at hand. Applebloom has drawn the short straw, so she enlists the help of her friends.

((HA! Good luck with that.))

Coverart By Ayemel

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The story of the first beings of creation, their children, and the beginnings of modern Equestria.

(basically what happens when a compulsive world builder is questioned about his headcannon)
Written for One-Shotober

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They came from the skies, in a never ending torrent.
Heartless, merciless, cold blooded, monsters.

Or so Shining had thought, until he had the chance to actually meet one such monster.

Written for One-shotober (2nd chapter and accompanying super fic in the works)
Image taken from Saving Private Ryan (no it's not a cross over)

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Uhmm… so I just talk into this? Oh, ok. Well, I’m in a room with a few soldiers. They seem nice enough, and they want me to talk about my mother. They say she’s not my mother but I know that’s not true. I am eight years old and I am a changeling named Pet. But they say that’s also not true.
They want me to talk about growing up in the hive.

Editing done by phlamingsoul and Spacecommie
Coverart by Ayemel

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A brother and sister flee their homeland. Desperate to escape the Madness, they run to neighboring Equestria. Where they hope to ride out the storm in peaceful Ponyville.

It's a shame their past will stop at nothing to find them again.
Editing by Phlamingsoul
Cover art by butterkeet

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