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I am a young 15 year old from Michigan. I love to create stories for people for their entertainment. I often get asked if it mattered to me if I was popular, to me it's all about the stories. :)


My computer is a butt · 7:02am Nov 23rd, 2014

So due to internet and computer issues. The new chapter that I finished for my story The Dragon's Good Karma, literally just got erased and that was 3,000 words long. I am going to work all day tomorrow to re-type and maybe establish new ideas. I swear by tomorrow it will be up and maybe even more. Thank you

hehe see what I did there

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All righty then! :)

1519256 Hey cool i'll let you know when The Dragon's Good Karma is done.

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Hey, you're my 666th follower too! :D YOU WIN! I'll review any story you want, so long as it's complete and not one I've already read. Offer stands as long as I'm in the fandom!

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