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A PhD student in biochemistry who tries to write on the side


Addressing Lack of Updates · 1:56pm Nov 4th, 2015

Simply put, my whole life's been quite a mess and a rumble lately. I don't really want to talk about why, but there's been so much going on that I've become a mess.

I haven't forgotten about any of my stories, but it's been hard to garner any inspiration for them lately. I'll get to them as soon as I can, but with all the work I have academically, I'm not sure when that will be...

Definitely expect lots of updates this Christmas season though.

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Updates are coming soon! · 1:54pm Oct 15th, 2015

I'll be updating my Huebirds, Ponytones, and Hoofball stories in the near future! I've been swamped with the Toronto Blue Jays, grad school, and other stuff lately! But now that things are finally lightening up at the end of this week, I'll finally get some time to update my stories! So more music and more sports to come!

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Deleting Huebirds Story · 2:47am Sep 14th, 2015

Hey everyone,

After some thought, I decided to delete the Huebirds of Happiness story from Fimfiction. Reading the story again, I encountered many problems when I tried to provide a proper exposition into the Huebirds and how the other characters would react.

For me, everything felt really rushed and my execution of the story was poor.

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Updating Civilization! · 1:58am Sep 12th, 2015

Hey guys,

Sorry I haven't been updating on Civilization: World on your Hooves lately. I've had so many ideas come up with Fantasia: Equestria that I've hit a writer's block for Civilization. I'm still working on it right now, but I think I reached quite a conundrum with how to proceed with the story!

I'll get to it asap, hopefully tomorrow!

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Equestria: Fantasia is revamped · 10:48pm Sep 4th, 2015


I got a reader to help me with Fantasia: Equestria. Looking back, I found a lot of problems with my first attempt at Queen Chrysalis' musings for Equestrian domination. As such, I followed my reader's advice and revamped the one-off entirely!

Here's the revamped "Musings of a Changeling" for you to enjoy!


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First Blog post at Fimfic? · 10:17pm Aug 21st, 2015

Ummm... hi! *waves meekly* Ummm... I'm an avid roleplayer who recently decided to start fimfic writing here. I have three stories I wrote... and I hope you enjoy them all!

If my writing sounds empirical or calculated, it's because I'm a graduate student in biology. I may also write like a roleplayer since I've roleplayed a lot in the past.

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