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Review of "For Cranky" · 4:34am Jun 15th, 2015

I shouldn't really be surprised that a one-off sight gag inspired so much interest, given this fandom. But the fact that there are now two stories in the Featured Box about that darling little changeling sitting at the back of the wedding in Episode 100 piqued my interest. So I wrote a review of one of them, Lunar Samurai's "For Cranky".

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I'll edit things · 6:02am Jun 14th, 2015

Hi there, followers.

As you might know, I edit stories around here. Or did. I haven't been doing a lot lately. And that happens to be good news, because it means that I might be able to edit whatever you're working on now.

A few guidelines:

1. I'll need access to a GDoc copy of whatever I'm looking at.
2. I'm not editing anything that's already been published.

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Okay maybe I should start watching the show again · 7:08pm Jun 13th, 2015

I checked my feed and somehow I know even less about the last episode than I did already, which is impressive considering that I didn't know anything before.

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Happy Cosmonautics Day · 4:07pm Apr 12th, 2015

Today is Cosmonautics Day, commemorating the anniversary of Yuri Gagarin's inaugural orbit around the earth. For obvious reasons, once I found out this was a thing, I felt like presenting a little story fragment to mark the day.

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I'm back · 10:43pm Mar 17th, 2015

Or, you know, will be.

I have been bogged down with college stuff—which has come to a pretty satisfying conclusion—and other personal nonsense—which, while markedly lower-stakes, has not. But, as you may have guessed from that whole "conclusion" thing, I am putting that behind me in order to write some more horsewords.

Look forward to seeing something in the next month.

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Wherein I hop on the "IWL" bandwagon · 3:26am Feb 8th, 2015

So you've probably seen a few blogs around here talking about this "I Write Like" site, most recently (as far as I know), JohnPerry's. It's a neat little statistical analysis tool that uses word choice and writing style—by which I assume it means things like average word length, sentence length, etc.—to compare any length of text to the way various famous authors wrote.

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Free Editing · 4:17am Dec 28th, 2014

So hey, everyone. Listen, I have a few days worth of time to kill and feel like getting back into the editing game. So here's an offer I'd like to make to you all, by which I mean "whoever happens to be reading this".

I'll edit things for you—yes, you, the person with the face, in front of the computer screen, you personally—given a few basic conditions.

1. I need commenting access to a GDoc copy of the story.

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This bookshelves thing has some drawbacks · 11:34pm Nov 6th, 2014


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Requests · 3:34am Oct 31st, 2014

I'm taking requests for stories, by which I mean "If you'd be interested to see what I'd do with such-and-such premise, let me know what it is and I might just write it."

I'll seriously consider every suggestion and probably not even laugh that much if it's ridiculously stupid.

I am working on updates to The Lunatics, The Pinkie Parallel, and Through A Glass Darkly. So don't worry about that, please.

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On clowns · 12:14am Oct 29th, 2014

[7:05:50 PM] Cola Bubble Gum: I think what I'm trying to say is, go punch a clown. It'll feel good.
[7:05:52 PM] Cola Bubble Gum: ^.^
[7:05:55 PM] SpaceCommie: Excellent.
[7:06:15 PM] Einhander: let's all punch some clowns
[7:06:21 PM] Cola Bubble Gum: XD
[7:06:31 PM] SpaceCommie: I can't remember ever seeing a clown.
[7:06:34 PM] Cola Bubble Gum: this would be a great sort of thing, in abstract, as response to the "clown sightings" thing

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