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Update... · 3:17pm Oct 5th, 2019

Quick update on what's going on...

I'm currently stuck at the next chapter and can't get it right.

Usually I can power through and post something I am semi-satisfied with, but the current chapter is in a state I absolutely hate.

Combine that with the fact how little I like about the current episodes of the show and my motivation is at an all-time low.

So... I will try to salvage the ideas that work and start fresh.

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Looking for an editor · 7:29am Jul 31st, 2019

(Identical post I did in the "Looking for Editors" group)

I recently started posting chapters for my story again after years of hiatus.

Rise of Sunbutt the Awesome

After such a long break I'm rusty and would benefit greatly from an experienced editor. I edited the last two chapters myself as best as I can, but english is not my native language and I'm prone to miss stuff.

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Chapter Update 2 · 4:23pm Jul 14th, 2019

Please tell me if these updates are of value to you. My new resolution for writing is to be more open about progress to motivate me.

I'm pondering if I should put another scene at the end or save it for the next chapter. At this point, the final word count should be around 6000 words without the addition (a healthy amount in my book).

Relase date is still the 03th of August if nothing too crazy happens in my life.

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Update chapter progress · 8:44am Jul 7th, 2019

Started this week with drafting and it's coming along nicely.

I'm aiming for 3rd of August for the next release (10th of August at the latest)

Time to stay focused

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Almost finished with the first draft and... · 7:31pm Jun 11th, 2019

Only a few gaps missing and then I can start making revisions.

I'm doing these updates mostly to keep my lazy butt motivated and track my progress.


Two weeks.

God help me...

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Update for next chapter · 6:48pm May 28th, 2019

Slowly, ever so slowly approaching the end.

It really bothers me how slow I've become, but the first draft should be finished soon.

Editing after such a long time will be a nightmare...

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Sequel to My Life is Glass · 5:40pm Nov 5th, 2017

Long Time no see.

For anyone who is interested, I just posted the sequel to "My Life is a glass".

I haven't written for a long time and will use this story to get back into things. The story consists of smaller Slice of life chapters after the first story with varying subjects.

I would love to hear feedback from some of you that liked my first story.

Best regards
Bob Alcove


So... that happened (Crusaders of the Lost Mark) · 11:27pm Oct 10th, 2015

I usually don't comment on episodes but...

<<< Spoilers for Episode 18 Season 5 ahead >>>

This is huge!

I'm sorry if the following reads a bit jumbled, but I have to get this out quickly before I lose my train of thought to my mindnumbing tiredness.

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Happy New Year!!! · 11:24pm Dec 31st, 2014

Just a few minutes ago the clock turned to midnight and 2015 has officially begun for me.:twilightsmile:

As customary, people reflect on what they achieved and want to accomplish in the new year.

Around the same time last year I posted my first chapter of "Sunbutt the Awesome" and threw my hat into the ring. Since then, I had the pleasure to work with several amazing people that helped me greatly to reach this amount of success.

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I'm late... again. · 6:21pm Oct 6th, 2014

So... already six days into october... and I'm way behind schedule again >_>

By this time I already wanted to have published my next chapter of "Sunbutt the Awesome" and have my third chapter of "My life is a glass" ready for editing.

As you can see from the lack of updates in your favourites list, that didn't happen.

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