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Hi! Thanks so much for the fave of 'Full Bloom'! :twilightsmile:

If you liked Bloom, you might also like my other mature fic, 'Red Shoe Diaries'. :raritywink:

Also, welcome to the site! Feel free to peruse my profile for my other works, as well as a healthy list of other awesome stories by some very talented folks. If you need any pointers, just shoot me a message! :)

Thanks for the fav on Life, Love and Adventure!

Dear consumer,
Thank you for purchasing a copy of Equestrian Earth.
We hope you will enjoy the most realistic virtual reality mmorpg of the century.
Also, we would like some feedback from you about our game. What would you say your favorite mechanics of the game are so far after playing it?

Canterlot Colt Studios

(What the letter really meant: Thank you for a fave on the story! That really means a lot! After you're done reading up to the latest chapter, what would you say your favorite parts of the story were so far?:twilightsmile:)

Thanks for the favorite on "The island of Love" :scootangel:

Thx for faving my story.Y'know,I have a few stories I am currently in the works in.Like Equestrian Adventures,Pip's Short Stories,Randomness TO THE MAX!!! and the already published One Piece Shippuden:Equestrian Arc.Too many ideas.I HAVE to work on one story one at a time.Anyway,thx!:pinkiehappy:

  • Viewing 6 - 10 of 10
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