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About Me

Who am I? You may call me just TGM.

I write for fun when the fancy strikes me. I don't write to make the featured box, but if that happens that's just a nice little extra.

I'm a pretty easygoing guy, and as such I tend to read or write pretty much anything. Only thing I don't really like is particularly descriptive or expletive clop, but saucy stories are fine to me.

Drop a comment or PM me if you feel like talking to me, I'm fairly active on here so odds are I'll respond to it within the same day.


I'm making Super Mario Maker 2 Levels! · 9:20am August 5th

I used to make stuff back on SMM1, but it was pretty beginner level stuff and I had no idea what I was doing.

and the same truth holds here! Kinda. I'm trying to improve.

I'd still definitely consider myself a beginner, so if any of you guys happen to have SMM2 and would like to give me some advice, it'd be appreciated.

I only have two levels so far:

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How do you rank the mane 6 in order from favorite to least favorite

Well I'm pretty sure you're busy... I thought about do some rage reviews myself, but I'm busy writing stories, turning them into comics and making 3D environments... help me I have too much on my plate...

Really should go back to making those sometime soon.

I have to say I enjoy your rage reviews... now time to read your stories...

  • Viewing 202 - 206 of 206
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