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Who am I? You may call me just TGM.

I write for fun when the fancy strikes me. I don't write to make the featured box, but if that happens that's just a nice little extra.

I'm a pretty easygoing guy, and as such I tend to read or write pretty much anything. Only thing I don't really like is particularly descriptive or expletive clop, but saucy stories are fine to me.

Drop a comment or PM me if you feel like talking to me, I'm fairly active on here so odds are I'll respond to it within the same day.


Fraud's a bitch · 11:55am February 4th

As you can probably tell by the angry Fluttershy, things aren't going well.

So yesterday some asshat decided it would be a good idea to steal my debit card information and make a $100 purchase in my name.

It sucks.

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_____Ah, yes, life. That inescapable fate that no one likes dealing with.
_____I finally caved into pressure and tried out Overwatch.

Nothing's changed too much, just dealing with everyday life, mostly.

what about you?

_____How have you been doing these days?

I don't know.

excuse me mister -TGM-? *picks up and starts to shake* when can we see more chapters made for your "i will hunt you down" down story *gently puts back down*

  • Viewing 192 - 196 of 196
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