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New Fanfic reading · 9:50pm Mar 2nd, 2019

Hey one and all. My most recent horror story, Horror at Dusk, has just been turned into an audio drama with a fully voiced cast by the talented Sparrow9642.

You can listen to it Here

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The Toy Museum - Dramatic Reading by GutiuSerenade · 2:45pm Dec 21st, 2015

Hey everyone. First off, I'm not dead. For those of you who are following Megan, don't panic, that story isn't dead. Now, onto the point of this. The talanted Mr. GutiuSerenade has done a dramatic reading of my short horror story, "The Toy Museum." You can veiw it right here.

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I Have a New Ghost Story out. · 3:52am Feb 21st, 2015

Hey all you horror fans. For those of you who remember my ghost story starying Fluttershy, "A Night at Shadow Station," I have a new one out now. This one is about Sweetie Belle in a haunted Toy Museum.

The Toy Museum

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A Night at Shadow Station - Audiobook · 12:08am Nov 30th, 2014

A wonderful person by the name of Thornquill has taken the time and effort to create an audio book version of my story, 'A Night at Shadow Station.' It's really good and can be found through the link below. If you liked that story, I strongly suggest listening to this.

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