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Hey I added two chapters! (To "Royal House of Chaos") · 1:01am Jun 16th, 2013

Hey guys I added two chapters to my story, I am also thinking about doing a "One Shot" so I was actually wondering what you guys would want me to do?

BTW if I don't get any comments on this page I am going to do a Discolight clop fic. Thanks for reading guys!

Here's the link!

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Quick update on "The Royal House of Chaos · 1:18am Jun 5th, 2013

Sorry guys but my computer crashed and I lost 2 chapters. Sorry guys but I do have 2 other chapters but they need to be proofread.

Sorry I could not bring good news, Thanks for reading, now back to writing

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Info on the "Royal House of Chaos" · 4:58pm Jun 2nd, 2013

Hey guys this is my first blog post ever so bear with me. So I have gained 2 followers since I released "Royal House of Chaos" Thanks guys but anyway time for the info, I will be releasing four chapters by tomorrow. I have spent most of my week writing down ideas and bringing them to life. Also I saw a person write down the the story was really REALLY rushed but I did not mean for it to be, I was trying to copy a style I saw in a story I read a couple of months ago. The way the style worked was

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