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Celestia visits a place of sanctuary on the sun. Remembering past events and the fun times she had, she eventually comes back to the present and the heartache that exists there.

A sad announcement must be made as Equestria has been forever scarred by power gone wild.

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Princess Luna had a long night of patrolling Canterlot for any threats and is very tired by the end of the night. Making her way back to her room with the intention of getting some much needed rest, she falls asleep.... but not for long. She is rudely awoken by Pinkie Pie without managing to get much sleep.

The day just keeps getting more tedious for Luna as she tried to simply get some sleep.

I only put Luna down for the main character despite there being a few appearances by the Mane 6 and Celestia since the focus is on Luna.

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Princess Twilight Sparkle has lived in Ponyville for many years. While most of these years have been fun and adventurous for her and her friends, recent years have taken much away. The passing of Applejack, the last of her remaining friends, hurts her greatly. After the pain was starting to subside, a new greater problem comes to light. Twilight will do all she can to prepare for this coming problem, but a simple letter might not be enough to prevent the pain that will follow.

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Luna is angry at the lack of appreciation for her nights. As her building anger reaches a climax, Celestia is confronted with an enraged Luna, who ultimately loses herself to the corruption of her anger. Becoming Nightmare Moon.

Celestia must try to reason with her, or ultimately stop her in order to protect her town. After these events, she is faced with more problems and has to protect the town from the beasts of the forest.

This is my first attempt at writing anything, so sorry if it is kinda poorly written and stuff. I don't intend to do anything more with this, so I am just gonna leave it as is.

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