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Some Random Bs About Me.

Well... I don't think anyone cares but here is a little about me.

My real name is Andrew, I just liked the anonymity behind using a fake name when I started out. ( I started out as a yiff reader only over at sofurry.com when I was way too young to have been reading that kind of thing…)

I am your average, friendly, tolerant, and slightly introverted guy. I wouldn't say I am a hardcore furry, or a hardcore anything. I just dabble.

So when it comes to SF I dabble in writing even though it has never been one of my strong points. I also have begun bringing any of my MLP stories over here as a favor to those who don't use SF.

Why write Clop(yiff), you ask?

Well, I really have no idea. The places you can lead the mind with tiny little words is astounding. Originally I just read the stories on SF, without a username(I still remember the good old days of yiffstar), I eventually joined.

When I used to write I would always put my work aside and completely forget about it, so when I had the brilliant ( <~~ yeah right :/ ) idea of writing a clopfic I decided that I would need motivation to keep writing so I posted it on SF. It seems that it worked, as Penchant was my first story that ever went further than an intro.

So thats where you people come in! Sometimes I need a good kick in the rear to keep me on the writing path, If it seems I have gone dead send me a good jolt to wake me back up.

I know the niche society is quite different here than on SF, but I hope that at least a few of you like the tales that I wrote for myself.

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"Not I" was a frighteningly dark story............but it p***** me off at pinkie and luna!:twilightangry2:

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