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Little Character Thing · 7:58pm Mar 25th, 2019

So I've missed 4 weeks. Wohoo. Or more like "boohoo", but that's more how I feel about missing 4 weeks than anything.

But it's finally time this old thing becomes relevant. Made this a long time ago. Spoilers btw, if you're not caught up with Tapestry: A World Apart.

It's a bit more lighthearted than the usual fare. While I was plotting things out I made little icons of the characters and thought they looked kind of silly, and this sprang to mind.

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Late Updates · 4:16pm Mar 11th, 2019

Wanted to apologize for being late on updating Tapestry: A World Apart. I'm trying to start an indie development project at the same time I'm taking classes, add in some health issues and the last weeks have not been great. Just know It's not a long-term thing and updates will begin again shortly. It's really just a matter of editing and finding a few hours for it.

May even get back on-schedule today. I'll have to see how things pan out.

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Discord Server · 4:22am Feb 20th, 2019

I've made a Discord server if anyone's interested in discussing my stories and their settings or generally hanging out. Invite link here: https://discord.gg/M2r9CJk

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December 23rd · 5:23am Sep 5th, 2018

I think one of the most beautiful things about reality is how it never does a half job. Every little blade of grass, to every insect, and from the forces of gravity on planets and the fusion that fuels our sun, to the forces exerted by the motes of dust landing on the ground to thunder across the Earth, it's all perfectly consistent.

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Today... Is the day. · 1:09am Aug 15th, 2018

The last time I uploaded a new chapter for A World Apart was just a month under 3 years ago.

But today...

After all that time, and one heck of a set of life experiences I can scarcely even remember all of or in order,

That's going to change.

This feels extremely significant to me. It's something I've put a tremendous amount of passion, soul and work into.

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It's Done! Well, sorta. · 3:16am Jul 14th, 2018

That's right!


The re-write is planned to be a 3-book epic, and the first book is pretty much done. I'm writing the draft for the last chapter now, while simultaneously doing some illustrations, editing, and the final post-pre-reading editing pass on the first chapters.

I anticipate I should be ready to start releasing the first chapters this month, or early next.

Because this entry is so short, have a picture, too.

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The Music Still in You · 1:27am Jan 25th, 2018

Nothing seems more tragic to me, than someone dying, as it was once put, "with their music still in them".

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Verifying Account · 7:18am Jul 22nd, 2017

Just a thing here to link my account to my account on another site.


Hey guys, still not dead! Still writing, in fact!

Finally making some progress by changing how I approach the problem... I think.

Anyways, I drew a thing, too. But I don't want to publish it places and all until I'm ready to "advertise" the finished re-write (like, once the already-written stuff is finished)... But I also really wanna share it!

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Thanks for Flight! · 8:04am Jun 1st, 2017

Just wanted to put up an entire blog post to thank this guy for writing this.

Dystopia, dystopia. But he did a very good job of making a story about a character in it. When looking at something like this, it really helps the gears in my head get turning, and inspires me to work on my own fiction some more. I know him IRL and he asked me to read it, and I'm very glad I've finally gotten around to doing it.

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Yep, April Fools' · 8:14am Apr 2nd, 2017

So yeah, the first letter of the middle 2 paragraphs of last post say "APRIL FOOLS"...

It's pointless if it's too obvious, I wanted to mess with people a little - but just a little, so I wanted it to be obvious, say, after a few seconds. Hope that worked out well enough :q

In actuality, I am doing good things with the re-write.

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