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A story looking at what happened between Luna's return in Season 1 and her re-appearance in "Luna Eclipsed" in Season 2. After a thousand years trapped on the moon she once controlled, Luna is no longer certain of where she belongs, her mental state unsure, her magic diminished. What will become of the former Princess of the Night?

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Trixie had it all, once. Respect, fame, adoring fans.

Now she has nothing. No magic. No respect. No fame or riches. She doesn't even have all four legs anymore. Unable to deal with it, Trixie tries to run away one more time, only to find out that there's some things you just can't run from.

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As the Mane 6 attempt to come to terms with the events following "Magical Mystery Cure", dark forces mass around the distant, isolated Crystal Empire.

While the rest of their friends struggle with their fears and nightmares, and Twilight attempts to adapt to her new position in life, Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy are in the Crystal Empire to help their athletes prepare for the games but they find themselves embroiled in something far more dangerous than either of them had expected.

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A strange new building has appeared next to the Carousel Boutique and Ponyville's resident fashionista is nowhere to be found. Could it be true? Has something happened to Rarity? Twilight and her friends aren't sure, all they know is that this is just another mystery for them to try and solve.

Just another day in Ponyville

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