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Laterna Waverka


Blogged, the Fourth · 8:05am Apr 22nd, 2014

Hey everyone,

sorry for my disappearing act.
Just got super busy after my grandfather got sick - he actually passed away not long after the third blog post and last update to "Learn Me to Read".
After that... well... life just got a bit nuts for me and it's only been in the last few months that I've actually had time to devote to my own creative projects. As such, I decided to get my ass back on here and get active on finishing writing "Learn Me to Read".

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Blogged, the Third · 10:07pm Jul 22nd, 2013

Hey everypony :)

Sorry for the massive delay in the posting of Chapter 03 of 'Learn Me to Read'. For the passed month my grandfather has been really ill so all of my spare time is being spent with my family lately, which I don't have a lot as I have also been working constant 12 hour night shifts... I have not had a day off in nearly two weeks.

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Blogged, the Second · 2:12pm May 23rd, 2013

Hey guys, how's it hanging?

First of all, I'd like say that I have slightly updated Chapter 01 "Help" of 'Learn Me to Read', by the suggestions of Xenonic - these changes are pretty minor, but add a little bit more to Caramel's thinking process, his character and opens up his reasoning a little bit more by making his crush on Big Mac a wee bit more obvious.

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Blogged, the First · 7:57pm May 15th, 2013

Hey anyone or anypony who reads this - HI!

I've been lurking here for a whole three days before joining, but the Caramac stories got the better of me and I just had to join and read and rate and review and write!!

My avatar is made be me and is a depiction of my own original character - Laterna Waverka - as a pony. It is my first attempt at drawing a pony ever so it pretty much sucks, any pointers to improve based on that image would be greatly appreciated.

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