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I like drawing. But I can't draw a pony for the life of me. :raritydespair:

I like this song

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Oh shit here we go
"Uuugh... my head... my legs... my everything... I think there are glass shards shoved up my nostrels." I struggle to get up, but it eventually happens.

W- whoa. What the?
*Looks out the window to see your body lying on the ground in a broken, sprawl position, your legs twisted everywhere like pretzels*
Y- you okay?

I just wanna read your stooorryyyyyyssSSAAAAA- :twilightoops:
*falls through window*

Oooh! Stalking me as well? You sly pony.:rainbowwild:

Thank you! I'll be sure to cover all types and genres of games! Including the classics!:rainbowdetermined2:

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