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Crotchety old guy who tosses words on a screen. I work Pony Cons. Absolute and utter nerd. 44/M/MN/USA

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One thousand years ago, three of Equestria's finest soldiers prepared to launch a war that was fated to never occur. When Nightmare Moon is defeated for the second time and final time, they are ejected into a very different world than from what they remember.

Phoenix Ember, last loyal member of the Shadowbolts, is left abandoned by his soldiers to his immortal enemy: Celestia. His only hope to survive in this confusing new world where Celestia rules is to learn and understand. Who better to teach him about this Equestria than one of the Elements of Harmony?

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A thousand years of silence, emptiness trapped inside the Moon, and now the princess of the Night, Luna, has come back to Equestria and Ponyville. However, not all of the ponies that should have more readily welcomed Luna's return showed up. However, one unnamed pony decides that he sees that Luna needs a bit more compassion than she has initially been shown.

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