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Samual Cronan was happy with his life. He was 16 and his life was set sail on a path to a great future. But he has always had an itch for adventure, he is a brony and has always fantasied of going to the world of ponies, Equestria.

You can obviously guess how happy he was when it actually happened. He and his dog Riley were ready to start a new life. Befriend the locals, party with Pinkie Pie, save Equestria with his new friends, maybe even catch the heart of Rainbow Dash.

But fate thought different of his stay there, and all he expected was wrong and he now has to fight against his most praised dream to stay alive.

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Eric Mile is your average 14 year old nerd. He plays next to no sports, has glasses (which he rarely wears), and has more of an online life than anything. But when his best friend becomes a brony and tries to turn him to the pony side, he makes the choice to ditch his real only friend. After an unsettling dream of his lonely future he is confronted by a very strange visitor.

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A brilliant human with tons of experience manages to get himself into a different universe he accidently created. He finds himself in the land of Equestria and now has to manage to find his arch rival who has managed to find him and hunts him down...

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Two unlikely beings begin to slowly gain feelings for each other. How strong are the feelings and what will the feelings do? Not spoiling. And what better way to get feelings then on an adventure, right? It's not like it's dangerous or anything *no guarantees * . So read on, you know, if you want to.

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