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I'm baaaack! · 1:08am Apr 15th, 2015

Wow it's been quite a long time. My internet has been out for months! But it feels great to be back and now I need to re-orientate myself. Sorry for any inconvenience with anyone waiting for any specific story. I will try to update them but if you have any particular one you want me to give more attention to please tell me. I will be glad to fill the order. Thanks for reading and cya!

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Hey Everyone · 2:56am Dec 2nd, 2013

Hey. Hidden Blade here with my first blog! I just want to say thanks to my followers (even in little numbers I appreciate it). I plan on making 'A Hidden Blade' a series, I'm slow but steady, I'll speed up soon enough its just the holidays are coming so yeah. 'To Be A Brony' is where my attention will be at for a few days but I'll go work some more on the other later. I have some other stories on stand by so stay exited for that. Anyways, see ya and stay awesome!

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